Wonder Wednesday : Creativity

les site de rencontre belge by | Feb 4, 2015 | Blog Posts

rencontre amicale en bretagne It’s Wonder Wednesday my friends! Today’s Wondering is about Creativity…This in an Invitation to participate!… I’d love for you to add your wonderings in the comments below. Let’s all help each other to bring more wonder into the world. CREATIVITY: How’s it feel to use your creative muscles? What happens in your body? in your emotions? in your mind? What’s it feel like when you are withholding from being creative? How do you see yourself as creative? What do you wish you did more of that you call creative? What do you need to bring your creative impulses to life? Do you assume that when I mention Creativity, I mean making art or writing or music? My want is for us all to know our creativity or creative life force is a natural inborn aspect of being human. So I wonder, how do you experience being creative? I’ve recently been examining how I feel when I stop “being creative”, as in pulling back from a creative practice like writing or making art or even cooking regularly. I’ve noticed that some fears creep in pretty quickly. There’s an underlying message in me that gets rather critical. There’s also a fear that I may never be creative again. I know… weird huh! I’m like a lifetime creator and you’d think this lie wouldn’t exist within me but yes that’s there in the background too. I think it has something to do with perfectionism and “making good art” rather than the joy of being creatively active. I’m working with embracing a more compassionate attitude about my creative life force. I’m wondering do...

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